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Bye Bye, Cygwin

At work, we use windows computers, and I am currently in the transition from one computer to the next one. This process typically takes at least a month, until I am confident enough that I have not missed something.

Today, I realized that I will not install cygwin on the new computer, because… Well, I have not used it for ages. During the last years, I’ve always run at least one Virtual Machine with Ubuntu on my Windows host, that gives me a fully fledged Linux environment with access to the file system of the host.

Before that time I used to reinstall cygwin and transferred settings and scripts until everything worked again.

But today I have no real use case to do so. The pain in a mixed environment (file name encoding, line endings, etc.) is the same for both techniques. I also have no use for DOS scripts using Unix tools compiled for DOS.

So all in all I would like to say Good Bye to cygwin and thanks for all the fish.